Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Gifts

This pic, courtesy of PurpleFlor, is of my sister's gift to us, which we used for our "guest book."

Yes, we got some pretty cool gifts, but I'm being completely genuine when I say this: the best gift was having people there.

As far as the second-best gift goes, getting help paying for our wedding was pretty damn sweet.

To all of you who gave gifts, you'll be getting personalized thank you cards soon, but in the meantime, be proud in the knowledge that after all our gifts have been deposited, Andrew and I will only have about $1,500 of wedding expenses left to pay off. ISN'T THAT AWESOME!!!??? You played a pivotal role in helping this couple begin their marriage with minimal credit card debt.

Personally, I think this is wonderfully important, especially when you consider the stats on debt in the United States today. (See sites like for more info.)

I also wanted to say that every gift, from the shortest email to the biggest check, is important to me - so thanks. Really. I was as touched by the crisp twenty dollar bill from rural Iowa as I was the bank-issued three hundred dollar check from the nation's capital.

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Andrew said...

I, too would like to thank everyone for their gifts of not only money, but of their presence. I hope everyone had a great time and got to connect and reconnect with new and old friends.